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Mum and Daughter Mini Spa

Mum and Daughter Mini Spa

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Experience a heartwarming mother-daughter spa day that's all about relaxation and togetherness. Dive into our special pamper session designed to strengthen your bond while having a blast.

Picture yourselves side by side, giggling and chatting during delightful manicures and pedicures. Choose your favorite nail polish colors and let the pampering begin!

Let us treat you to a fun mini makeover. We'll share age-appropriate makeup tips and tricks, making you both feel fabulous.

Get creative with "Mommy and Me" hairstyling, where you can explore matching or complementary styles like lovely curls or chic updos.

Make lasting memories and share smiles during this delightful mother-daughter spa experience. Join us for a day of pampering and bonding that you'll treasure forever.

Mothers will be treated to a luxurious manicure, complete with your choice of BIAB or Gel Polish, offering a lasting, elegant finish. For daughters, we offer a delightful nail polish application, perfect for those youthful nails. This special service is tailored for all children up to the age of 16, ensuring a fun and age-appropriate experience for everyone.

Services included in this are BIAB or Gel Polish, Pedicure, Makeup and Hairstyling

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