Loyalty Rewards

Here at Pretty Woman we like to reward our customers for each booking they make. That's why we introduced our very own Loyalty Rewards! 

We tried to make it as simple as possible and enable all our customers the best opportunity to unlock rewards. 

How to sign up

You should see an icon in the bottom right of your screen which says "Rewards", if you click this it will pop up a window with the option to "Sign Up Now" this will then direct you to the registration page where you can sign up.

Alternatively you can sign up here.

Ways to earn

There are a number of ways to earn rewards which can be redeem once you have completed a full card. A full card consists of 8 stamps.

  • Place an order - for every £10 spent on our services you will receive 1 stamp
  • Signup - Just for signing up to our loyalty rewards you'll receive 2 stamps
  • Celebrate a birthday - Enter your birthday and you'll receive 2 stamps each year
  • Leave a review* - Give us a review on Google or Facebook (or both!) and receive 1 stamp per review

*Reviews are manually checked and stamps applied so please send a screenshot or email if we haven't picked this up and rewarded you for your review.

Ways to redeem

We currently offer different ways to redeem your stamps/stamp cards and if you save your cards you can receive increased rewards!

  • 20% off your next booking when redeeming 1 full card
  • 50% off your next booking when redeeming 2 full cards
  • £80 discount code for your next booking when redeeming 3 cards

Please get in touch if you are missing any reward stamps and we will ensure everything is as it should be.